LegoDev - A programmer with too much free time.

Hello! I'm LegoDev, also known as LegoDev Studios.

I create and manage random projects for Discord Servers, such as The CORE, where I operate a bot named DT Extractor and Ponyville Plaza, where I operate the minecraft server and custom PonyTown server.

I'm also a developer for BronyTales, a My Little Pony themed minecraft server!

About Me

I am a 15 year old self-taught programmer from the UK. There's litrally nothing else to put here...

Projects I manage

DT Extractor - A custom discord bot for The CORE, an UnderTale themed server.
PlazaTown - A custom PonyTown server for Ponyville Plaza, a My Little Pony themed server.
Ponyville Plaza Minecraft Server - Minecraft server for Ponyville Plaza
BronyTales - A My Little Pony themed minecraft server!
The Medium - A minecraft-based venue originally created for SEAPonyCon
StellarBot/DerpyBot - A custom Twitch live chat bot for Stellar Transmissions, a Twitch-based DJ group.